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Sea Witch

15 Colors | 8 Sizes
The Original Sea Witch

$2.50 - $5.00
C&H Rattle Jet
Rattle Jet

6.75" Long | 17 Colors
Professionally Rigged

$6.00 - $10.00
C&H Kingbuster
King Buster

2.5" Long | 30 Colors
3 lures per pack

Lil Stubby - Green Heads

5.5" Long | 5 Colors
Limited Edition Green Head

$5.00 - $20.00
C&H Pearl Baby
Pearl Baby
Available in 1/8, 3/4 and 1.5 oz.
8 different colors.
$2.00 - $4.00
No-Alibi Trolling Feather
Trolling Feather

10 Sizes | 8 Colors
A Must-Have for any angler

$3.00 - $18.00
Billy Baits Mini Turbo Slammer
Mini Turbo Slammer

5-1/2" long, 21 available colors. Available rigged and ready.

$10.00 - $14.00
C&H Alien

7.5" Long | Over 20 Colors
Vinyl, Mylar and Nylon Skirts
Available Professionally Rigged

$10.00 - $21.00
C&H Lil Bubbler
Lil Bubbler

5.5" Long | 8 Colors
Available in 4 Rigs

$5.00 - $9.00

3" Long | 8 colors
3 lures per pack


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C&H Lures has been producing tournament winning fishing lures for over thirty years. Our lure designs are tested in the water for years before they are offered to the public for sale. We are dedicated to providing the best artificial fishing lures, pre-rigged bait lines, saltwater tackle, rods-and-reels, fishing line, tackle boxes and all the fishing accessories for your boat and your crew. Our entire C&H staff fish! We love fishing the blue water, the brackish water and the occasional mountain stream using C&H Lures fishing lures and saltwater tackle equipment.

C&H is one of the last American lure companies. Because our sea fishing lures are so popular, other sea fishing lure design and manufacturing companies will copy our proven designs but they can’t match our American engineering and dedication to C&H quality. We thank you for visiting the C&H Lures website. Please continue to browse and let us know how we can help with your next trip fishing for kingfish, wahoo, yellowfin dolphin, blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish or bluefin tuna. For your convenience, most of our popular fishing lures can be purchased pre-rigged to use with live or cut bait.